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USF SI Faculty, Maria Treadwell and Barbara Stites, on FLA Executive Board Slate for 2011

The FLA Executive Board announced the slate for the next election at its regular meeting on Friday, October 22. USF  IS Adjunct professor  Barbara Stites, Florida Gulf Coast University Library, is running for Vice-President/President-Elect . Dr. Stites was named USF SI  Jean Key Gates Distinguished Graduate in 2005.

USF SI East Coast Director, Maria Treadwell, is running for ALA Councilor.Mrs. Treadwell serves on the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach County Library Association.

Elections will be held in late November/December 2010 so please vote for them if you are a member!



USF SLIS Student Publishes Article in Digital Florida Libraries

FLA banner

The Florida Library Association (FLA)’s semi-annual publication, Florida Libraries, has stepped up to the digital age by moving from print to an online format.  The prestigious publication’s fall 2010 issue has just been released in a full-color digital edition.

In addition to the new format, this publication features, again, an article by a University of South Florida, School of Library and Information Science’s graduate student.  Judiann M. Rakes’ article, titled:  “The Power of Partnerships: Opening Children’s Minds Through Collaborative Early Learning Programs,” reports on the collaborative partnership developed between the Volusia County’s Daytona Beach Regional Library and the Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia (ELCFV.) In times when collaboration is seen as a potential way of maximizing resources, Rakes’ article highlights a successful model that could be followed in other parts of the State.


USF SLIS Student Judiann Rakes

USF SLIS Graduate Student Judiann M. Rakes.


It was a pleasure interviewing all the people mentioned in the article.  Plus, I hope the article inspires the formation of additional efficient community partnerships,” Rakes said.

The fall 2010 edition of Florida Libraries can be accessed by FLA members at their website.


SLIS Well Represented at Prime Time Family Reading Time Grant Training Session

The USF School of Library and Information Science was represented  by USF alums Lucia Gonzalez, Aneatra King, Freda Mosquera,  and faculty member  Dr. Henrietta M. Smith at the Louisiana Educational Humanities Prime Time Family Reading Time Training Workshop in New Orleans, LA, July 23-25th.  Aneatra King learned of the program while attending the 2010 Florida Library Association Annual Conference. Returning to Broward County, she wrote a grant which was accepted. Personnel needed to carry out the program in one’s home area included a storyteller, a scholar and a translator.  Among those selected for King’s grant include Lucia Gonzalez, and Freda Mosquera, coordinator  Aneatra King, and Scholar ( their title) Dr. Henrietta M. Smith.

Aneatra King, Lucia Gonzalez, Dr. Smith, and Freda Mosquera

The two year program includes storytelling, with an approach that encourages open-ended discussion, participation incentives and a format that will include continuation of the library experience in the family’s  home. Materials for this two- year program are supplied by the grantors.  Full details of the program are available on PRIME TIME  FAMILY READING TIME : www.leh.org/html/primetime.html

Dr. Smith and Aneatra King

The very limited free time gave the Broward County group a chance to share Beignets and coffee at the historical Cafe Au Monde and to take pictures with the living statues on Decatur Street.  Watch for news of the PRIME TIME READING PROGRAM  as it takes off in January 2011 in one of the six selected Broward County libraries.

Congratulations to Aneatra for writing a grant that the LEH found worthy of acceptance.


Midnight restoration of funding to FL libraries

from Florida Library Association (4/27/2010)

State Aid – Budget Chairs Restore State Funding to Public Libraries to $21.2 Million
At midnight on Monday, April 26 the House accepted a Senate offer to restore State Aid to Public Libraries to the current year level of $21.2 million.

FL Senate Budget Director J.D. Alexander


When Senate Budget Chair J. D. Alexander made the offer, he asked if “the library guy” with the signs was in the room. The library guy we all know is Paul Clark who has pretty much lived in the Capitol keeping the issue in front of legislators and the press for 6 weeks. Senator Alexander was disappointed that Paul wasn’t there and said that other advocates could learn a lot from him. There, working the issue until midnight were FLA lobbyist Chris Lyon, Small County Coalition coordinator Chris Doolin, and a whole contingent from the Department of State including Secretary Kurt Browning, Legislative Liaison Rivers Buford III, and John Boynton. This group barely left the Capitol all weekend long. Chris Doolin had a very positive impact for libraries, especially on Sunday morning. The folks from the Florida Association of Counties, and many county lobbyists have been working the issue aggressively as well.
For the past two months library advocates have worked tirelessly to tell the library story. The Salter>Mitchell public relations folks distributed press releases for FLA at several critical junctures. FLA’s CapWiz wizard, Lisa Manners did an incredible job of keeping the message fresh with the result that library advocates generated over 60,000 messages in the last six weeks.
Thanks to everyone for their incredible efforts and congratulations on the wonderful success!
Charlie Parker, Chair
FLA Legislative Committee

Florida Library Association


SLIS Graduate Assistant Alicia K. Long receives FLA Bernadette Storck USF Scholarship

On Thursday, April 8th Alicia K. Long was presented with the FLA Bernadette Storck Scholarship during the General Session at the 2010 FLA Conference. There were many USF SLIS faculty, staff, alumni, and students in attendance to see Alicia receive her award. ALA Executive Director, Keith Michael Fiels, is seated to Alicia’s right as she receives the award.

Alicia receiving her award at the FLA Conference

Applicants must: be a resident of Florida and have some experience in a Florida library; be admitted to an accredited program at a Florida college or university or to a library/information graduate degree program at FSU or USF; commit to working in a Florida library for a minimum of one year after graduation; and be an FLA member in good standing. The applicant must also write an essay and have three letters of reference sent.

The scholarship has been available from a dedicated fund since 1995. This fund is replenished through donations and fundraising activities. The primary fundraising activity is the Silent Auction held at the FLA Annual Conference, which USF SLIS donated to this year.

Congratulations Alicia!


SLIS Exhibit at FLA 2010 Conference a Success!

USF’s School of Library and Information Science was well received at the Florida Library Association (FLA) conference at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando this past April 7-9, 2010. The SLIS booth in the exhibitors’ hall showcased our team spirit and provided conference attendees with information about our amazing graduate program.

SLIS Students Eva Earles, Bill Harris, and Shalu Gillum working the booth at FLA 2010

Communication and Information Officer Jessica Voss, along with Graduate Assistants Arlen Bensen, Eva Earles, Shalu Gillum and Alicia Long were on hand to answer questions and hand out USF logo bags, pens, magnet clips and stickers to those stopping by our booth. Many of our Graduate Assistants also lent a helping hand at the FLA sign-in desk. Dozens of USF alumni came to the booth to show their support for SLIS, and many attendees showed a strong interest in returning to school to pursue a Masters degree in Library and Information Science.


USF SLIS hosts reception at FLA 2010 Conference

On Wednesday April 7th, 2010, the USF School of Library and Information Science hosted a celebration of camaraderie for faculty, students, and graduates of the School attending the 2010 Annual Conference of the Florida Library Association. The evening provided an excellent opportunity for social interaction among those who have a connection with the School. Faculty and students had the opportunity to get to know each other better outside of the academic setting, alumni got to visit with their former professors, and everybody got a chance to network within the USF family (and with some visitors as well).

USF SLIS Alumnas enjoying appetizers and refeshments at the FLA Reception


Some of the talks heard among the many people in attendance included alumni accomplishments, challenges, tips from graduates to the new students, jokes, and a sense of fellowship coupled with excellent food. Many members of the faculty attended, including USF SLIS Director Dr. James Andrews, and professors Dr. Alexander, Dr. McCook, Dr. Yoon, Dr. Perez, Dr. Gregory, Prof. Austin, Prof. Shereff, Dr. Henrietta Smith, Prof. Treadwell, as well as Communication and Information Officer Jessica Voss, and several Graduate Assistants.

To see more pictures from the event click here.