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USF SI at the 2010 Miami Book Fair International


USF SI’s East Coast Coordinator Maria Treadwell and Communication and Information Officer Jessica Voss attended the 2010 Miami Book Fair International this past weekend. USF SI’s  booth was a hit this year at the fair. The  interest in our programs by fair goers was very high. Many LIS adjuncts, alumni, and current students were excited to see our presence at the fair and stopped by to catch up with the staff. Over 75 prospective students were anxious to stop and get information on our master’s program.

Alumni Anthony Verdesca (1999) and Maria Treadwell

2008 grad, Katia Nunez (center) with her sister (left) and Maria Treadwell (right)

The Street Fair included the Festival of Authors, with more than 350 authors reading and discussing their work and the more than 250 publishers and booksellers exhibits. Thousands of South Florida schoolchildren kicked off the Street Fair, making the trip downtown Friday to hear authors and participate in Children’s Alley activities. The street fair was full of surprises with performers on stilts and mariachis singing. Here are a few pictures we captured. To view more photos from the fair click here.



USF SI Faculty, Maria Treadwell and Barbara Stites, on FLA Executive Board Slate for 2011

The FLA Executive Board announced the slate for the next election at its regular meeting on Friday, October 22. USF  IS Adjunct professor  Barbara Stites, Florida Gulf Coast University Library, is running for Vice-President/President-Elect . Dr. Stites was named USF SI  Jean Key Gates Distinguished Graduate in 2005.

USF SI East Coast Director, Maria Treadwell, is running for ALA Councilor.Mrs. Treadwell serves on the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach County Library Association.

Elections will be held in late November/December 2010 so please vote for them if you are a member!


Dr. Henrietta M. Smith Participates in HistoryMakers Back to School Week

In celebration of HistoryMakers Back to School Week, Dr. Henrietta M. Smith addressed students at the Park Vista High School, Lake Worth, Florida. HistoryMakers (http://www.thehistorymakers.com/) is a program founded in 1999. There goal is to interview and preserve the life story of those who have “made significant accomplishments in life of both ‘well-born and unsung African American History Makers. – going beyond the Civil Rights movement, music, sports and entertainment’.”

(Pictured from L-R) Principal Reginald B. Myers, Author Glennette Turner, Dr. Henrietta M. Smith, Instructor Audrey Spicer, and Asst. Principal LuAnne Daucanski

For the HistoryMakers go back to school week, those whose interviews were on record, were invited to address students in a school in their home area.  Henrietta M. Smith was invited to speak to students at Park Vista High School in Lake Worth, Florida.  Addressing an audience of over 250 ninth graders, she spoke of her childhood with a mother who believed that proper speech was essential to “get anywhere” in life and so sent her to elocution school.  There Smith attests, she learned the beauty of poetry from the Bible to the works of writers of the Harlem Renaissance period. She shared with listeners the distinction between dialect and standard English, quoting from the works of Paul Laurence Dunbar.  She shared with the students some ideas about how to live with dignity with your fellows, using excerpts from Countee Cullens The Lost Zoo. Cullens, a school teacher in Harlem taught his class of recalcitrant boys the futility of fighting, of name calling and being too vain among other subjects, all in humorous poetry with serious messages from “The Squilililigee” to “The Snake That Walked Upon His Tail”.

In speaking of career moves, Smith related that upon moving to Florida, with a background in Public Library work and a degree from Columbia University, she could not be hired at the Public Library in her community because of the color of her skin, unless she wanted to work as a page and shelve books. The necessary career change found Smith in the position of school librarian and with further study – a position at the University level. She reminded the students that without perseverance, changes can be made that enrich one’s life forever.  Her presentation was closed with sharing a laugh arousing short story from African American folk lore,  with the underlying theme that what is inside your head is more important than the color of your skin.  It was a great time with teachers who had planned well and students whose courtesy  and demeanor made the morning so worthwhile.


Save the Date – December 5, 2010

You are invited to the

2010 East Coast Graduation Reception

And Alice G. Smith Lecture

Presented by

Raymond  Santiago

Director of Miami-Dade Public Library System

When: Sunday, 5 December 2010

2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Where: SEFLIN Office Suite, 4th Floor

S.E. Wimberly Library

Florida Atlantic University

777 Glades Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33431

R.S.V.P. by: Monday, 29 November 2010 to Maria Treadwell

at  mtreadwe@usf.edu with number of guests

SLIS Fall 2010 New Student Orientation

On Tuesday, August 10, 2010 the School of Library and Information Science welcomed new students with an orientation session.  Co-sponsored by the SLIS Student Organizations, approximately 50 visitors were encouraged to interact with not only each other, but also with staff, faculty, graduate assistants, and representatives of student organizations.  The three-hour event included presentations by: Diane Austin, SLIS Assistant Director; Daniel Kahl, SLIS Academic Program Specialist; Jessica Voss, SLIS Communication and Information Officer; Bill Harris and Lana Brand, Student Group Presidents; Dr. Vicki Gregory, SLIS Professor and former Director; and Dr. Kathleen McCook, SLIS Distinguished Professor and former Director.  The event concluded with a student organization meeting that included discussion, interaction, and a pizza party!

To view more photos go here.


Students and new faculty listen to presentations made by SLIS staff, faculty, and student organization representatives.

Dr. Vicki Gregory speaks about the importance of accreditation and professionalism.

SLIS East Coast Orientation for Fall Semester

On Friday, 30 July 2010, an orientation was held for incoming East Coast students.  The setting for the gathering was the new computer lab in Ft. Lauderdale’s Broward County Main Library.  Students had the opportunity to meet each other, learn about the SLIS program and USF, and how to navigate within Blackboard.  The group was small and because of its size, there was more opportunity for individual attention to questions and assistance.

New East Coast SLIS Students

An outside consultant, Larry Treadwell, conducted a writing workshop as part of the orientation.

SLIS Well Represented at Prime Time Family Reading Time Grant Training Session

The USF School of Library and Information Science was represented  by USF alums Lucia Gonzalez, Aneatra King, Freda Mosquera,  and faculty member  Dr. Henrietta M. Smith at the Louisiana Educational Humanities Prime Time Family Reading Time Training Workshop in New Orleans, LA, July 23-25th.  Aneatra King learned of the program while attending the 2010 Florida Library Association Annual Conference. Returning to Broward County, she wrote a grant which was accepted. Personnel needed to carry out the program in one’s home area included a storyteller, a scholar and a translator.  Among those selected for King’s grant include Lucia Gonzalez, and Freda Mosquera, coordinator  Aneatra King, and Scholar ( their title) Dr. Henrietta M. Smith.

Aneatra King, Lucia Gonzalez, Dr. Smith, and Freda Mosquera

The two year program includes storytelling, with an approach that encourages open-ended discussion, participation incentives and a format that will include continuation of the library experience in the family’s  home. Materials for this two- year program are supplied by the grantors.  Full details of the program are available on PRIME TIME  FAMILY READING TIME : www.leh.org/html/primetime.html

Dr. Smith and Aneatra King

The very limited free time gave the Broward County group a chance to share Beignets and coffee at the historical Cafe Au Monde and to take pictures with the living statues on Decatur Street.  Watch for news of the PRIME TIME READING PROGRAM  as it takes off in January 2011 in one of the six selected Broward County libraries.

Congratulations to Aneatra for writing a grant that the LEH found worthy of acceptance.