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A New Year for Graduate Assistants

On Monday, August 9th, the Fall 2010 group of Graduate Assistants met for the first time at orientation.  The group was a mix of current and new faces. Diane Austin, Assistant Director, Instructor and Graduate Student Coordinator at SLIS Tampa, spoke of the new Undergraduate Program in Information Technology and the plan to archive the history of the School of Library and Information Science, signifying an exciting, if busy, semester for the eight Graduate Assistants. Other discussed responsibilities included training, schedules, collaborative projects as well as faculty and department support.  Diane Austin also addressed the beneficial nature of the job, noting that, “The SLIS assistantships give Graduate Assistants professional, technical, research, instructional, and library skills to use in the department and in their future careers”.

From left to right: Alexandra Houle, Alicia Long, Denise "Vickie" Toranzo Zacker, Lana Brand, Jessica Powers, Sylvia Martinez and Diane Austin. The two Graduate Assistants not present are Eva Earles and Donna Reynolds.



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