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Congratulations to the Summer 2010 Graduates!!

Happy Graduation to all the SLIS students who graduated on August 7, 2010! Dr. Andrews, Dr. Yoon, and Mr. Daniel Kahl sent off the new graduates at the Summer 2010 SLIS Graduation Reception in the CIS Atrium.View more photos here.

From left to right: Dr. Yoon, Fazana Baksh, Karen Kaufmann, Nilusha Dedigamuwa, Shalu Gillum, and Dr. Andrews

SLIS Student Organizations' representatives that helped with the Graduation Reception setup and cleanup. A big thanks to them!!

SLIS Faculty, Staff, and Students mingling in the atrium at the reception.


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  1. Just a personal note of thanks, especially to Daniel Kahl. It’s fun to celebrate these graduations with so many dedicated people in the faculty and staff at our School, isn’t it? And friendships grow along with the development of the program. Thanks again to all!

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