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USF SLIS Celebrates its Second Spectrum Scholar this Year!

USF SLIS is proud to once again have two of its students awarded the American Library Association’s (ALA) Spectrum Scholarship for 2010-2011. Yrenes Fornes, along with Sylvia Martinez, is SLIS’s newest Spectrum Scholar. Ms. Fornes earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Central Florida before deciding to pursue her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science here at USF.

USF SLIS's second Spectrum Scholar this year, Yrenes Fornes

Regarding her decision to enter this field, Ms. Yrenes  explains, “I did so because I love libraries and the LIS field, especially because I can put my Bachelor’s degree to good use while making a difference.” She is excited about the classes she has taken so far and is encouraged to continue on thanks to the Spectrum Scholarship.

The Spectrum Scholarship is awarded through the ALA’s Office of Diversity and was created to encourage the recruitment of under-represented ethnic groups into the library profession, and also to bring attention to diversity issues effecting the community at large.

SLIS wishes Ms. Fornes the best of luck this year!



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  1. Congratulations Yrenes!!!

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