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SLIS Well Represented at Prime Time Family Reading Time Grant Training Session

The USF School of Library and Information Science was represented  by USF alums Lucia Gonzalez, Aneatra King, Freda Mosquera,  and faculty member  Dr. Henrietta M. Smith at the Louisiana Educational Humanities Prime Time Family Reading Time Training Workshop in New Orleans, LA, July 23-25th.  Aneatra King learned of the program while attending the 2010 Florida Library Association Annual Conference. Returning to Broward County, she wrote a grant which was accepted. Personnel needed to carry out the program in one’s home area included a storyteller, a scholar and a translator.  Among those selected for King’s grant include Lucia Gonzalez, and Freda Mosquera, coordinator  Aneatra King, and Scholar ( their title) Dr. Henrietta M. Smith.

Aneatra King, Lucia Gonzalez, Dr. Smith, and Freda Mosquera

The two year program includes storytelling, with an approach that encourages open-ended discussion, participation incentives and a format that will include continuation of the library experience in the family’s  home. Materials for this two- year program are supplied by the grantors.  Full details of the program are available on PRIME TIME  FAMILY READING TIME : www.leh.org/html/primetime.html

Dr. Smith and Aneatra King

The very limited free time gave the Broward County group a chance to share Beignets and coffee at the historical Cafe Au Monde and to take pictures with the living statues on Decatur Street.  Watch for news of the PRIME TIME READING PROGRAM  as it takes off in January 2011 in one of the six selected Broward County libraries.

Congratulations to Aneatra for writing a grant that the LEH found worthy of acceptance.



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