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Lauren Christos presented with the Jean Key Gates Distinguished Alumni Award

On Tuesday, April 20th, USF SLIS held the 17th annual Jean Key Gates Distinguished Alumni Reception. The event started at 2:30 with a Welcome from Director Jim Andrews. Next was the ceremony induction of the new Beta Phi Mu members carried out by Dr. Stephanie Maatta and Dr. Anna Perrault. Twenty SLIS alums were welcomed into the chapter, which included: Carrie J. Hurst, Michael Jason Martin, James P. Ascher, Claudia J. Dold, Elizabeth Carter, Melanie C. Hensey, Karen V. Murk, Brittany Bennett Parris, Marilene L. Riemer, Barbara A. Cardinale, Michael C. English, LaKeisha Hall, Vera J. Lux, Ann Marie Maloney, Susan C. Ostroff, William J. Peterson, John F. Russell, Suzanne M. Schweitzer, Victoria L. Stuart, and Hillary S. Wade.

The 2010 Beta Phi Mu Inductees.


After the Beta Phi Mu Induction, Dr. Jim Andrews handed out the scholarship certificates to the Fall 2010 recipients. The Patricia Andrew Cone Endowed Scholarships went to Allyson Fletcher and Kari Kopko. The Johnie Key Thomson Scholarships went to Melissa Moore and Katherine Gage. The H.W. Wilson Scholarships went to Joy Scholing, David Sieffert, and Rebecca Guillen. The Blackwell/Perrault Scholarship went to Marcela Estevez.

Dr. Andrews handing Marcela Estevez her scholarship certificate.


The Jean Key Gates Distinguished Alumni Award of the USF School of Library and Information Science is named in honor of our USF Professor Emerita of the same name. Gates wrote respective librarianship texts such as Guide to the Use of Libraries and Information Science and Introduction to Librarianship. The Jean Key Gates Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to a SLIS alumnus whose outstanding professional career achievements serve as a role model for all library science graduates. The award was started in 1993 and has been given out almost every single year since. To help us remember Jean, Bernadette Storck gave a tribute speech. The talk was recorded and will be available on the Web site soon.

Bernadette Storck giving a tribute to Jean Key Gates.


This year the award was given to alumna Lauren Christos, an Associate University Librarian at FIU. She gave a brief thank you and speech about her work with intellectual freedom. For more information on Lauren click here.

Dr. Andrews and Lauren Christos receiving her award.


The afternoon closed with everyone eating snacks and drinking refreshments, while mingling and networking with colleagues. Overall the event was a success and we hope to see everyone at next year’s Jean Key Gates Distinguished Alumni Reception. To view more pictures from the event click here.



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