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Adjunct Professor Denise Shereff new member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals

SLIS Adjunct Professor Denise Shereff has been approved for membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) at the Professional level. AHIP is the Medical Library Association’s peer-reviewed professional development and career recognition credentialing program. AHIP promotes lifelong learning and exemplary professional performance by recognizing achievements in continuing education, teaching, publishing, research, and other contributions to the profession.

Denise Shereff


Shereff received an MLIS from the University of South Carolina in 2002. In her current role as Health Information and Outreach Specialist, she is a primary point of contact for information resources, patient advocacy groups, and government and non-profit organization sponsors regarding health information and public outreach applications for clinical research and epidemiological studies housed within the USF Department of Pediatrics, including the NIH Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network. She is a Consumer Health Information Specialist and teaches as an adjunct instructor at the University of South Florida’s School of Library and Information Science. She has been accepted to the National Library of Medicine 2010 fellowship program in BioMedical Informatics at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Congratulations Denise!


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