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Dr. Jamshid Beheshti Presents “Bilingual Web Portals for Children: the Challenges” at USF SLIS

Dr. Jamshid  Beheshti of McGill University presented at the USF TECO Room this past Monday on the challenges of bilingual Web portals for children.

Dr. Beheshti has taught at McGill University over the last 25 years. His main areas of focus are children-computer interaction as well as information retrieval which were the key points in the presentation he gave.

The presentation centered on middle school aged children that spoke both French and English from an affluent neighborhood. Searching by young adults is done primarily using popular search engines that may not always meet their relevant  information needs. However, his study and implementation was the use of Web portals as a way of disseminating information effectively to that age bracket while also incorporating both languages.

The results of his research was technical (as the picture to the left demonstrates) yet incredibly enlightening on how search is performed and portals were utilized by the children.

This was a highly informative lecture that benefited anyone in either education and/or library and information science. Thanks to Dr. Beheshti and also the SLIS Department for hosting an event that was so beneficial for us students.



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