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Alice G. Smith 20th Anniversary Lecture and 2010 Scholarship Acknowledgement Dinner

On December 3, 2009, SLIS celebrated its 20th Anniversary Alice G. Smith Lecture. The night started off with Dr. Jim Andrews welcoming everyone to the dinner and then presenting the scholarships for Spring 2010. The list was as follows:

Johnie Key Thomson Scholarship

Lauren Gelbart

Kristine T. Smith

H.W. Wilson Scholarship

Gina McIntyre-Bingham

Nicole M. Kennedy

Judiann Rakes

Patricia Andrew Cone Scholarship

Joseph Kelly

Rhoda Gamboa

Blackwell/Perrault Scholarship

Darla Asher

Dr. Andrews giving Gina McIntyre-Bingham her certificate

Following dinner, Dr. John Budd of the University of Missouri gave a talk entitled, “The Economics of Information: A Morass, Wrapped up in a Muddle, Inside a Quagmire.” Dr. Budd’s talk will soon be available on the SLIS Web site. The night was a success and we thank everyone who was in attendance.

Dr. Jim Andrews and Dr. John Budd

To view more pictures from the event go here.

For more information about the Alice G. Smith Lecture series, go to http://slis.usf.edu/communication/showcase/



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