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SLIS Student Mary Barrett Featured in The Ledger

SLIS Student Mary Ellin Barrett

The SLIS Department would like to recognize Mary Ellin Barrett for all of her achievements and hard work.  Although still a SLIS student, Mary has earned the position of Director at the Polk City Library. During the past 16 months, Mary’s efforts have focused on revitalizing the library, including adding six public computers, installing Wi-Fi, and instituting new reading programs.

Mary was recently featured in a November issue of The Ledger, and they had nothing but praise to say about her:

“Ms. Barrett has increased patronage of the library and instituted many new programs such as the children’s story time and the adults’ book club,” Carrier said in an e-mail to The Ledger. “She has made the library a warm and welcoming place to be. She and other staff have culled the books in the library, added additional computers, purchased new furniture and painted.”


Circulation rose 68 percent from 8,894 books, CDs and other materials for its fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2008, to 14,927 items in the recently completed year. The number of visitors to the library at 215 S. Bougainvillea Ave. nearly doubled from 6,510 people to 12,864 patrons during the same period.

The increases stem from adding the adult and children’s reading programs and six new public computers to the four there were when Barrett started, she and Carrier agreed.

Click here to see the full article.


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