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Elementary Students Excited about USF/SLIS Visit

The smile on each face was evidence the students enjoyed their recent visit to the USF School of Library and Information Science (SLIS)! For the past nine weeks they anchored the Booker T. Washington Elementary School Morning Show, and as a reward for their hard work, were given a tour of the USF television station, WUSF, and the SLIS. The trip was planned by the school’s media specialist, Mrs. Sara Yarrow and Dr. Cora Dunkley.


Dr. Dunkley, Naya Peterson, Nautica Sanabria, Porsha Jones, Mrs. Yarrow

While at the television station, the students were treated to a tour of the television studio where they got to see first hand the inner workings of WEDU. At the library school, they met the staff and several faculty members before touring the facilities. Their favorite spot was the Dr. Henrietta M. Smith Library, where they recognized titles of books they had read. They listened with interest to comments from Dr. Dunkley about the importance of doing well in school. Afterwards, each student shared her future aspiration: Nautica hopes to become a pediatric nurse, Naya wants to be a lawyer and Porsha has a desire to be an actress. The day’s excitement continued when the visitors saw the classroom and computer labs where some of Mrs. Yarrow’s classes were held while she was a student in the SLIS program.

The final phase of the tour was lunch at Top of the Palms. As the students strolled across campus, they admired the colorful flower covered walkways, the serenity of the MLK Plaza and the much talked about statues of the “BULLS” that grace the front of the Marshall Center. With the trip over, the students departed the campus, anxious to share the day’s experiences with their teachers, other students and family members.



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  1. What a wonderful experience for these girls and a great opportunity for us to instill a message of lifelong learning and success! What a great event Dr. Dunkley!

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