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Dr. Ann Riedling and Jessica Voss at the USF SLIS booth

The USF booth at the Florida Association for Media Education (FAME) annual conference was done in a football inspired theme, and nearly everyone had something to say about it.  FAME came time right after USF defeated FSU in a landslide victory and while some were crushed, others were very proud of their Alma Mater. However,  that was just one of the reasons the booth was successful. The new online School Media Cohort generated a lot of interest as well!


(From left to right) GA's Bridgette Woodley and Alechia Dow, Jessica Voss and Dr. Jim Andrews at the USF SLIS booth

SLIS students Bridgitte Woodley, Alicia Long, and Alechia Dow had the opportunity to sit at the USF booth and chat with passers-by that were either interested in the cohort, happy about the football victory, graduates of the program, and/or were thinking of getting their MLIS at USF.  Dr. Anne Riedling, Department Chair Dr. James Andrews, Communication and Information Officer Jessica Voss  and Professor Diane Austin also sat in on the booth fun.


One of the USF SLIS baskets that was auctioned

We had neat little gadgets and candy to give away at the booth, but we also had two amazing baskets made by Academic Program Specialist Wendy Steiger that were up for auction.  We took in $40 for one, and $80 for another. Thanks Wendy!!

The Conference itself was successful, and we learned about school media and emerging technology capabilities.  FAME is a great place for students and professionals alike to learn, and also to be a part of an exciting venue for networking where you can meet amazing leaders in Media Education!



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