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Dr. Stephanie Maatta and colleagues receive The Diversity Research Grant

Dr. Stephanie Maatta and her colleagues Laurie J. Bonnici, and Ms. Muriel K. Wells of University of Alabama had their proposal selected as one of three projects to receive funding from the ALA Office for Diversity.

The proposal, “ICT Readiness Index: Measuring the preparedness of libraries to serve patrons with disabilities in the context of economic challenge”, received the Diversity Research Grant. The Grant provides $2,000 for original research and a $500 travel grant to attend and present at the 2010 ALA Annual Conference in Washington DC.

Congratulations and good luck to Dr. Maatta and her colleagues for their further research.


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Stephanie!! Sounds like a wonderful project.

  2. Professor Maata…congratulations! You might be able to help me…I’m getting ideas about a possible direction that falls under the subject of patrons with disabilities…Wow, I feel so blessed to be in your class!


  3. […] This research is supported by an ALA Office of Diversity’s Diversity Research Grant awarded in June 2009. […]

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