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SLIS Graduate Mia D’Avanza awarded Yale University Kress Fellowship

Mia D'Avanza

Mia D'Avanza

SLIS Graduate Mia D’Avanza has been awarded the Yale University Kress Fellowship which will begin June 15th, 2009. The fellowship is designed for a recent library school graduate with an interest in art librarianship. The USF School of Library and Information Science offers Mia sincere congratulations!

According to the Yale University library website, “This fellowship is made possible through the generosity of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Through this fellowship, the Kress Foundation seeks to achieve in the field of art librarianship what it has accomplished for art history and art conservation: ensuring the growth of the discipline by promoting the advancement of new professionals.

This year the focus of the Kress Fellowship will be on all aspects of arts special collections including collection management, exhibition development and installation, as well as reference work. During their tenure at Yale Kress Fellows are expected to pursue a mutually agreed-upon project resulting in a publishable paper or a new library service. Kress Fellows are also introduced to a broad spectrum of professional activities beyond special collections and will have the opportunity to perform collection development activities, interact with a variety of special collections and their curators, and participate in the work of library committees and external professional organizations.” (Retrieved from http://www.library.yale.edu/lhr/jobs/intern/kressfellow.html).


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