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HealthInfo Island is Social Computing Model

A recent article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research entitled “A Survey of Health-Related Activities in Second Life” names Healthinfo Island among the top 15 medical locations in Second Life.

Healthinfo Island is funded by a $40,000 grant [7] from the Greater Midwest Region of the National Networks/National Library of Medicine. The site is run by real-life health librarians and medical experts [7] and aims to provide users with education and awareness of and access to health information. The island features a Medical Library, a Consumer Health Library, PubMed search capability, the iVinnie Accessibility Center, and various other displays and meeting spots. There is a broad range of health information conveyed by kiosks in the Information Outreach Lab, from posters that redirect users to an HIV awareness website to ToxTown, an interactive area that explains the health risks from environmental agents.


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  1. This journal article by four Canadian authors is easy to bookmark or make a favorite for future reference. Also of interest may be the blog owned by Healthinfo Island folks http://healthinfoisland.blogspot.com

    The mid-May posting to the Healthinfo Island blog is of personal interest to me as a librarian-in-training and a health information seeker. It relates to a Second Life project, funded by the National Library of Medicine’s Greater Midwest Region, to assist those with chronic medical conditions and disabilities by training them to locate quality health information. A link in their blog to a new report from the Alliance Library System works!

    Jeffery Austin
    Co-Secretary, SLIS Student Organizations

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