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Dr. Nahyun Kwon and Dr. Vicki L. Gregory at QQML 2009

Dr.Nahyun Kwon and Dr.Vicki L. Gregory will present at QQML 2009–International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries.

“The Use of Transaction Logs to Study the Effectiveness  of Librarian Behaviors on User Satisfaction in a Virtual Setting.” by Nahyun Kwon and Vicki L. Gregory.

Chat reference is becoming more common, so it is important to be able to effectively judge user satisfaction with the results that they receive and secondly what behaviors the reference librarian should use to help ensure that users are satisfied with chat reference sessions. In this research project, online transaction logs were obtained from the Southeastern Florida Library Information Network. At the time of the reference interview neither the librarians nor the users knew that these transactions logs would be used in a research project, so all the data gathered was in an unobtrusive manner. In an earlier article in Reference and User Studies Quarterly (Winter 2008), the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Infor mation Service Providers (2004) were tested against the transcripts to see if the behaviors for face-to-face reference could be used in 43 a virtual environment. Our research indicated that many of these behaviors could be mapped to the virtual environment with great success. The purpose of this paper will be to describe and explain the methodology, which is a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods, so that others can adapt what we did to their own situations.

[Program abstract is on pp. 42-43 in pdf of book of abstracts  here]

QQML2009 is organized under the umbrella of ASMDA International Society organizing conferences on data analysis from 1981.The 2009 conference will be held in Chania, Crete, Greece May 26-29.


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