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SLIS Alumni and Adjuncts Receive Awards at SEFLIN Awards Luncheon

Several SLIS alumni were award recipients at the SEFLIN Awards Luncheon on February 27 in Ft. Lauderdale:

Collaboration Award: Rachel Cathcart, Lauren Christos, Larry Treadwell, Doreen Gauthier, Jan Johnson, Amanda Sarra, Dan Tan, Leecy Barnett, Sunem Beaton-Garcia, Dani Lichtenberg, Larry Treadwell. The Collaboration Award recognizes SEFLIN member libraries and their staff “for their contribution of time, energy and talent in supporting cooperation between all types of libraries.”

Vista Award: Sunem Beaton-Garcia, Lucia Gonzalez, Miriam Hershenson, Deobrah Passalacqua, Cynthia Shulman, Victoria Thur, Eileen MacNally, Rafael Costa, Dan Tan. This award “recognizes and individual library employee or a team of library employees for providing excellent library services and furthering cooperation between all types of libraries.”

Innovation Award: Kathleen Werthman. This award recognizes “an innovative library activity, program or service based on collaborative efforts between libraries or libraries and the communities they serve.

Horizon Award: Marleen Lee. The award “recognizes community and business leaders/organizations for their outstanding support of libraries.”

Also, several SLIS adjunct faculty received awards: Chris Casper accepted a Collaboration Award on behalf of the Poster session presenters at 2008 ALA Conference, Barbara Correll received a Horizon Award, and Dr. William Miller received the Distinguished Service Award.


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