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Dr. Stephanie Maatta Receives Grant

Dr. Stephanie Maatta

Dr. Stephanie Maatta

Dr. Stephanie Maatta was awarded $3,800 by the Center for 21st Century Teaching Excellence Innovative Learning-Centered Grant program.  The Accessibility Based E-Learing (ABEL) Project proposes to take a proactive approach to redesigning LIS6603 Basic Information Sources and Services to meet accessibility standards and to create course content that is truly learner-centered.  After completing an online certification program in “Accessible Information Technology” through the University of Southern Maine, Dr. Maatta will redesign and usability test LIS6603 for accessibility. Outcomes of the project include LIS6603 serving as a general model of accessible e-learning, creation of multimedia demonstrations that can be incorporated into course delivery campus-wide, and preparation and implemention of workshops to support faclty in creating their own accessible course content. The final outcome will be a course that is barrier-free for students with disabilities while also meeting the needs of students with a variety of learning styles. The project is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2010.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Maatta-Smith!
    Way to go!

  2. Dr. Maatta this post may be a little late, but please consider persons who are dyslexic in your design as often times people are unaware that they are dyslexic. As little as the use of colors can significantly improve the rate by which one can read content and comprehend it.

    Thank you and I wish you every success.

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