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Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael K. Buckland

USF School of Library and Information Science and USF University Libraries jointly present:
Dr. Michael K. Buckland, Professor Emeritus, School of Information, University of California at Berkeley on February 3, 2009, 3:30-5:30 p.m. in
  CIS Room 1048 

Title: “Moving the reference collection online: What librarians forgot.” 
Understanding depends on knowing the context and background of any
 topic, so in a print and paper world, a reference library is an excellent
 place to learn. As library services move into a digital environment,
 research on reference service has focused on empowering the reference
 librarian rather than the even more important task of empowering the
 library user. Reference works can be made accessible online, but more is
 needed to take full advantage of digital technology if we are to provide
 the best of both worlds. The talk will discuss the issues, demonstrate
 prototypes being developed at Berkeley and discuss future possibilities.
 Michael Buckland is Emeritus Professor in the School of Information, and
 Co-Director of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative at the
 University of California, Berkeley. He was born, educated, and worked as
 a librarian in England before moving the USA. Positions held include
 Assistant Director for Technical Services, Purdue University Libraries;
 Dean, School of Library and Information Studies at Berkeley; System wide
 coordinator of library services in the University of California; and
 President of ASIST. Prof. Buckland has published widely, including a
 recent biography of the forgotten inventor of search engines “Emanuel
 Goldberg and his Knowledge Machine” (2006).


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