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External Review Panel Site Visit for Re-accreditation

SLIS’ program is currently being evaluated by the American Library Association for re-accreditation.  Five panelists will be visiting the School from Saturday, February 21 through Tuesday, February 24. 

Accreditation is a voluntary system of evaluation of higher education institutions and programs. It is a collegial process based on self-evaluation and peer-assessment for improvement of academic quality and public accountability. Accreditation assures that higher education institutions and their units, schools, or programs meet appropriate standards of quality and integrity.

Accreditation is both a process and a condition. The process entails the assessment of educational quality and the continued enhancement of educational operations through the development and validation of standards. The condition provides a credential to the public-at-large indicating that an institution and/or its programs have accepted and are fulfilling their commitment to educational quality.  Read more…

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  1. Hope somebody will let us know if there’s anything students can do to help with managing the visitation process.

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