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Dr. Debra Slone Inspires

 Dr. Debra Slone, author of the 3/15/08 article in Library Journal, “After Oil: Public libraries will have an important role to play in our new post-peak-oil society”, will be a featured speaker at ” Transition Libraries: Resources for a Green Future” to be held at the Blair Caldwell Library in Downtown Denver on Friday January 23rd from 9:00-4:30.   http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6539360.html

Dr. Debra Slone’s article was the inspiration for organizing the event at the library.  The article attempts to answer the question, “What is the role of public libraries in helping our society move away from it’s dependency on fossil fuels.” Fossil fuel (coal and oil) use is problematic on three counts: 1) it is a major contributor to global warming;  2) it is based on finite energy resources that are expected to peak in this decade with global demand soon outstripping supply, and 3) our society and economy runs on these energy sources.


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  1. I sent a copy of this article to the Largo Library Director. This article could easily be sent to any public library and to city councils/elected officials to remind them how important libraries are in this time of economic decline.

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